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Healing Magnetic Bracelet with Far infrared and Germanium elements.

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 Negative ion Wrist Band Bracelet Purlife Titanium black

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 Bracelet is 21cm and can be shortened.


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What can this bracelet do for you?

Magnets have long been used to stimulate the body's natural healing power.

Germanium is an element  found in nature. It is a hard semi-metal  that helps balance the body by emitting negative ions. Germanium increase blood circulation and reduces fatigue.

What can Negative Ions do for you?

 Negative Ions promote metabolism.

Improve the body’s immune system.

 Strengthen brain function and mental focus.


What are the benefits of Germanium?

Improve blood circulation and immunity

Relieve fatigue and improve sleep

 Assist in the body by clearing waste and removing heavy metals in our body.






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